Glass Neon vs LED Neon Signs

Trust me when i say i am obsessed with quality and perfection.

......I'm the chick who will spend a halfer in DJ's checking for loose threads on my new Seed Dress..... i'm not spending my hard earned cash on something that is half par. With that in mind, when it comes to neon signs we need to chat about LED flex vs Glass neons.

The stigma
LED - cheap, nasty, low quality. doesn't look authentic.
Glass - Quality, Cool, long lasting....

Let's address these notions and get into the battle of LED vs GLASS.

What’s the difference between neon and LED signs?

There are several differences between the two types of neons. We have made your job easy with highlighting the differences below.

led vs glass neon

The Look?

We know you care about aesthetics too! For literally half the price LED neons look just as schmick. The only real difference is that glass neon the chords are generally quite protruding whereas with LED the wiring is more discrete. WithLED neon you still get the rounded protruding profile of traditional glass, so essentially it is a really convincing look alike.
See the differences for yourself below.

Led neon compared to glass neon

We know that you're convinced on LED but may still be dying for a traditional old school neon look there is alot we can do.