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How do I track my sign?

For standard shipping orders you should receive a tracking number approximately 10 days after you purchased your LED neon sign, and for express orders you should receive a tracking number approximately 4 days after your order. 

This tracking number should be sent to you through an email and include a link with the tracking number. By clicking on your tracking number it should take you to the courier website which will have updates on the status of your order. 

Please note that depending on your email preferences this email may land in your promotions or spam folder. 

If you are having any further issues tracking your order feel free to contact our team.

How long will my sign take to deliver?

We do our best to get your amazing LED Neon Signs to you as soon as possible. 

Generally we offer two shipping options to choose from:

Standard Shipping 15-25 Business days


Express Shipping 8-15 Business days

These lead times can vary slightly but you will always be informed of the current turnaround times when ordering your neon sign.

How it works:

Lead times start once payment is processed. Turnaround times include the manufacturing as well as the shipping of the neon signs. Larger signs, RGB neon signs or signs with UV print may take longer to manufacture. Orders with express shipping will be prioritised in manufacturing and should go out within four days with a tracking number. Standard shipping orders will go out with a tracking number by the tenth business day after purchase. 

Please note on express shipping if there are delays in sign-off of the design proof this may delay the process. 

Can you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes! We can ship your LED Neon anywhere worldwide.

Where is my sign shipped from?

We are a proud global company that uses a range of manufacturers across China to make and ship your LED Neon Signs. Your signs are then shipped from our manufacturers to anywhere around the world. 

We use overseas manufacturers as they are able to provide the best technology, quality and prices. Our team then manages these manufactures throughout the production and shipping processes.

Why does my LED neon take so long?

Each LED neon sign is custom made to order. Once your order is confirmed our admin team will forward these order details onto manufacturing and from this they are able to create a design proof of your sign. If you ordered your sign from the Create Your Own tool you will receive this design proof and have 12 hours to make any alterations. The design team will wait for this time before approving it with manufacturing, allowing the production process to start. 

The production process then involves the cutting of the acrylic, glueing of the neon strips and wiring your LED neon sign. With the large volume of signs this process takes a minimum of 3 days. Express shipping signs are then prioritised. 

Shipping times take up the majority of lead time, but whether the order is express or standard shipping we always chose the fastest option possible.

What if my sign is damaged in transit?

In the unlikely event that your LED Neon Sign is damaged in transit we should be able to replace the sign as long as it complies with our warranty protocols. 

You will need to take photos of the box, the label on the box and any damages to the box, as well as the damage to the sign itself whilst still in the box. These photos will need to be sent to the Kings Of Neon team within 30 days of the delivery of the sign.

If all warranty protocols are passed your LED neon sign will be remade and sent out to you as soon as possible.

What if my sign is lost or stolen?

In the unlikely event that your LED neon sign is lost or stolen in the delivery process we will do what we can to help. You will need to contact our customer service team or the courier to open an inquiry within 30 days that the tracking has marked your sign as being delivered. 

If your LED neon sign has been lost in transit and your inquiry with the courier has concluded that your sign has been lost, we will be able to remake your LED neon sign for you and send it out as soon as possible. 

If your LED neon sign is stolen, depending on the circumstances and status of your inquiry with the courier, we may be able to replace the sign or offer a discounted price for a new LED neon sign. 

If your LED neon sign has been lost or stolen please contact our team at 

How do I track my LED Neon sign
  1. Check for emails from us
  2. Check in junk or promo folder just in case
  3. Should have received an email with a tracking number within 5 days of placing your order
  4. Click on to the “track your order” button or the tracking number with the hyperlink. 
  5. This will load a new page which will be the courier website
  6. Click the track button next to the tracking number and this will show the shipment history and estimated date of arrival

Custom LED Neon Signs

What is a custom neon sign?

We have two different types of custom sign options at Kings of Neon. 

On our website we have the CREATE YOUR OWN tool which allows you to write text and create your own LED neon sign. On the CREATE YOUR OWN tool you are able to choose your font, colour, size. You will also pick our backing features and if your sign is for indoor or outdoor.  Please note the size / length will be in proportion for the font you choose and lay out of what your text reads. With the CREATE YOUR OWN tool you also have the option to put in special notes and anything else you want the team to know. Once you complete your CREATE YOUR OWN LED neon sign through the website we will review your order. We will then receive your design and one of the crew will mock up the design so you will be able to check the details and any special instructions. We will send you a proof email as a courtesy for you to double check that you love your LED neon sign. You will have the opportunity to reply to the email but if we don’t hear from you or there is nothing to change then you will be pleased to know we will send your design off to manufacturing after 12hours.  

The second type of custom neon sign that we do is the Business and Custom design side of things. With this option you will be able to create your business logos, pictures and any other design element you want to incorporate into your sign. The whole process from start to finish is through our custom design department which will have an account manager to look after you and a designer to complete your bespoke sign. With this option there are much more extensive details on offer and we like to think that if you have an idea you want in a sign - we can make it. This process can take a little longer as each step is confirmed and discussed with you to ensure you get the LED neon sign of your dreams.

The custom side of our business is a huge part of what we do so we understand the importance for an eye for detail and exceptional customer service. With that you can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way. 

If you would like to chat to one of our custom experts please email us at

Can I make my logo into a Neon sign?

Yes! You absolutely can! We have had the privilege of working with thousands of brands worldwide to create custom LED neon signs. From solo operating businesses, podcast studios through to brands like Twitter, Afterpay, 2022 NFL Draft, we would love to work on your brand and bring it to life in a LED neon sign. It isn’t limited to only logos too. Bespoke neon signs of any sort are our jam so contact us below and lets get lit. 

Whether you go through the online form or email - if you have files and images ready to go then attach those through so we can get started straight away. 

Do you make other signs?

Here at Kings of Neon we obviously specialise in custom LED neon signs but our design and manufacturing team are experts in the sign industry. If you have any sign ideas that you would like to discuss, we are more than happy to design and quote for you. Email our team at

Will I get a design proof?

If you go through the CREATE YOUR OWN  design process you approve your design through the process as you choose and create your LED neon. We will ask you to confirm again before you pay so you can check it off and make sure it’s exactly what you want. If there are any adjustments or notes in the special instructions box that require amendments we will shoot you a proof for you to check off as a courtesy. If we don’t hear back from you after 12 hours we will get your LED neon sign into manufacturing to ensure you get your sign dispatched out to you as soon as possible. 

When you go through the BUSINESS & CUSTOM process you will have a designer do a mockup of your request and you will approve the design each step of the way. Once you approve your design you are able to either pay straight upfront or we can send you an invoice.

Do you offer a free design service for my LED neon sign?

We are incredibly lucky to have a very talented LED neon design team that is available to you to get your design made before it goes to manufacturing. We offer an initial neon design with 1-2 changes if required as a complementary part of our service. If there are multiple redesigns after the initial design quote there will be a charge for the design time which can be discussed with your Kings of Neon team member that is looking after you and your neon sign. 

Fonts & Colors

What colors do you have?

We have an extensive range of neon colors available with 14 displayed on our CREATE YOUR OWN tool. If you have a particular colour that you are interested in, CONTACT one of our team members and we can work with you to get the result you're after.

We also offer a color-changing neon called RGB Neon. You are able to cycle through our range of colors with the use of a remote.

What fonts do you have?

We have an extensive range of over 35 fonts available online. You can see the available fonts through the CREATE YOUR OWN tool which allows you to change and amend the fonts to get an idea of what your LED neon sign will look like. We can also match or create custom fonts through your design ideas if you have a logo, a specific font or design elements you want to incorporate with your text. If you would like a hand with your fonts, CONTACT US and we can help you get exactly what you want.

Can I choose a font I have seen somewhere else?

Yes! We have over 35 fonts available online and our clever neon design team can match your design requirements. Our team will always strive to get it to be as accurate as possible for the perfect custom neon sign. 

Installation and Safety

How do I install my LED neon sign?

Follow the links for instructions to MOUNT or HANG your LED neon sign!

Will my LED neon sign heat up?

Our neon signs are completely safe to touch, as they use regular LED flex material. Your LED Neon sign is similar to a light bulb. If it is left on for long periods of time it will get a little warm but it will not get hot and will be safe to touch at all times. We recommend not leaving your sign on constantly and to turn it off occasionally to maintain its longevity. 

Is my sign okay to go Outdoors?

Your LED neon sign will be okay to go outdoors as long as you have selected the “Outdoors” option of sign usage when you are ordering online, or request and confirm this with one of our team members when discussing your sign. This means that your LED neon sign is made to be waterproof and withstand rain. 

The power adaptor and cords will still need to be covered as they are not waterproof. If they are not able to be put indoors you can use an outdoor waterproof power cord box to seal them away from rain. It will be your responsibility to ensure your cords and power source are waterproofed and safe.

Do LED Neon Signs affect the environment?

Your LED Neon sign won’t have any more effect on the environment than a regular lightbulb. The LED Neon signs do not emit mercury like the traditional glass signs, so are much more eco friendly. The more neon in your sign and the larger it is, the more electricity your LED neon sign will need to use. To reduce electricity usage we recommend only keeping your sign on during business hours, or whilst you are at home with your LED neon sign.

How do I connect my remote?

Here are video tutorials on how to connect your remote to your LED neon sign!

Premium Standard Remote - Click here

Premium RGB remote - Click here

Wifi Phone Controller - Click here

Production and Manufacturing

What is the process of Production and Manufacturing for a LED Neon Sign?

Once you place your order the first step our team takes with your LED neon sign is ordering it with our manufacturing team. By doing this we double check measurements, colours and the overall design. If you have ordered a sign from our Create Your Own tool our administration team will email a design proof of your LED neon sign, and you will have 12 hours to request any changes. After this our team will confirm the designs with manufacturing and your LED neon sign will begin production. 

Firstly, the acrylic backing will be cut to your design. Then the LED neon tubing will be bent and glued onto the acrylic to match your design. The wires will then be connected and tested, and the sign left to let the glue dry.

Finally your LED neon sign will go through quality control, packed with its accessories and be shipped out to you! 

Where is my LED Neon sign made?

Our LED Neon signs are made by our manufacturing partners located in China. Over the years we have been able to develop great relationships and trust with them. 

We use overseas manufacturers for our LED neon signs as they are able to provide the best quality, technology and prices for our customers.

Glass VS. LED Neon?

At Kings Of Neon we do not provide the traditional Glass neon. This is because the cons outweigh the pros and we want to provide the very best products for our amazing customers. 

The traditional Glass neon is fragile and can be broken easily in transit and in your homes or businesses. We would prefer to provide you with a product that will LAST!

The glass neon also heats up and can emit mercury which is unsafe. LED neon doesn’t heat up and only emits epic light!

Our LED neon also allows for technological advances, such as our RGB colour changing neon and flashing modes. 

Our LED neon signs have a 30,000 hour lifespan, durability and advanced technology. Overall it is the best option for YOU!

What is my Neon sign made from?

Each part of our LED neon signs are important in making the amazing finished result. 

Your sign is started with an acrylic backing. This is usually cut to the shape of your design and is roughly 4mm thick. This provides the structural integrity of your sign and provides a space for your neon to be placed. 

Your LED neon strips are made of a strip of very small LED lights with a coloured or white silicone casing over the top. This is placed and glued onto the acrylic backing in the shape of your design.

Then finally the wiring is connected to each part of your LED neon. This is a copper wire with a clear casing over the top to give it that subtle clean look.

All of these parts come together to make your epic LED Neon signs!

Returns and Warranty

What is the returns and warranty policy for Kings Of Neon?

We will accept returns and or refund on unopened products in original condition. All returns are only accepted within 30 days of delivery. Return shipping is at buyer’s cost. Faulty signs will be returned at the cost of Kings Of Neon. Custom LED Neon signs are not eligible for returns unless faulty. Please contact us immediately via email if you need to organise a return.

All of our neons are supplied with a 12V Certified power adapter with 6.6ft of clear cabling. The signs are joined by a connector to an additional 3-6ft of black cabling from the adapter. Small signs feature a transformer that directly plugs in. Large and Medium signs feature a power pack that plugs in. Our signs come with a 24 month warranty indoor and 12 month warranty outdoor – covering faulty items and appropriate use. Our neons are for Indoor Use Only, if you require an outdoor neon this can be arranged at extra cost. Our signs are handmade, some small marks may appear on the sign or acrylic backboard which are not considered faulty. 

Quotes and artwork proofs are approximates only as each sign is handmade so at times there will be slight differences.

The Kings of Neon warranty covers all faulty items as long as our customers have treated their neon signs with the appropriate care required for long-lasting illumination.

What if I Change my mind and want to return my LED sign?

LED neon products from our online store are eligible for returns for change of mind. This is only considered if the sign is unopened, undamaged and within 30 days of delivery. The shipping of this return will be at the buyers expense.  This does not include LED Neon signs from our Create Your Own tool. 

Custom LED Neon signs are not eligible for returns due to change of mind. 

What if my LED neon sign breaks in transit?

In the unlikely event that your LED Neon Sign is damaged in transit we should be able to replace the sign as long as it complies with our warranty protocols. 

You will need to take photos of the box, the label on the box and any damages to the box, as well as the damage to the sign itself whilst still in the box. These photos will need to be sent to the Kings Of Neon team within 30 days of the delivery of the sign.

If all warranty protocols are passed your LED neon sign will be remade and sent out to you as soon as possible.

How do I return my neon sign?

If you would like to return your sign, and it complies with our returns policy, you can return your sign by booking a courier of your choice and sending it to our head office. Please contact our team prior to booking this.

If you are returning your sign due to it being faulty Kings Of Neon will book a courier and arrange with you on the best time for collection.