Play All Day LED Neon Sign

Free Dimmer/Remote and Mounting Kit with every Neon.
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Size is the width at its widest point, height sizes vary depending on the font used.


The colors of neons when the tube is on and off

Red Preview
Green Preview
Blue Preview
Hot Pink Preview
Yellow Preview
Orange Preview
Purple Preview
Light Pink Preview
Light Blue Preview
Turquoise Preview
White Preview
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The motto we all wish we could live by, all day every day, for the rest of our lives. But don’t let your envy get in the way of making sure our
‘Play all Day’ neon sign lights up the imaginations of all the little people (or big people) you know who are always at play, and having the time of their lives! This kid friendly, long lasting, and robust neon sign will transform your mini me’s playroom, bedroom, birthday, and all theirplaydates. It’s also a #lit backdrop for the many photographs you’ll definitely be taking of them as they grow

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