My Best Friend LED Neon Sign

Free Dimmer/Remote and Mounting Kit with every Neon.
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Size is the width at its widest point, height sizes vary depending on the font used.


The colors of neons when the tube is on and off

Red Preview
Green Preview
Blue Preview
Hot Pink Preview
Yellow Preview
Orange Preview
Purple Preview
Light Pink Preview
Light Blue Preview
Turquoise Preview
White Preview
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Hold up, wait a minute. I need you to really think hard about this. How many pictures do you have with your best friend? How many people would you laugh,cry, get wasted and still wake up and have breakfast with? Our best friends have seen us at our best and worst times and yet we don’t have a single decent picture which we can show to our parents. This neon sign is the ideal backdrop for that picture which you and your best friend both desperately need just remember to take the