Portland Sign Company

Introducing Kings of Neon's Portland Sign Company, where the eclectic spirit of Portland's culture and its lush natural surroundings are skillfully reflected in our custom neon and LED signs. Our aim is to merge your brand with Portland's unique combination of urban cool and natural beauty, ensuring your business stands out with a fusion of organic charm and contemporary style.

Celebrating Portland's Urban Artistry and Natural Splendor in Every Sign.

Portland, renowned for its vibrant arts scene, coffee culture, and environmental consciousness, provides the inspiration for our sign designs. Whether it's an artsy sign for a café in the Pearl District or a nature-inspired piece for a shop in the verdant Alberta Arts District, our creations resonate with Portland’s artistic flair and its commitment to sustainability.

Designed to Thrive in Portland's Varied Weather.

Our signs are crafted to endure Portland's rainy climate and seasonal changes, guaranteeing durability and a lasting visual impact in the city's diverse environment.

Personalized Sign Crafting for Portland's Innovative Businesses.

Creating your custom sign with Kings of Neon is an engaging and smooth experience. Choose our online design tool or work with our team to create a sign that embodies the essence of your business and the creative spirit of Portland.

A Showcase of Portland's Eclectic and Sustainable Business Community.

Our portfolio showcases a range of signs made for Portland's unique businesses, from trendy breweries in Eastside to sustainable boutiques in Northwest Portland, demonstrating our commitment to quality and adaptability in every project.

Connecting with Portland's Premier Signage Craftsmen.

Ready to elevate your Portland business with a distinctive neon sign? Contact Kings of Neon's Portland Sign Company today, and let’s start the process of designing a sign that not only illuminates your establishment but also captures the eclectic charm and natural beauty of Portland.

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Trusted By The Best

LED Neon Sign - Stevie Mackey

Kings Of Neon's Custom Neon Team was asked by Stevie to create this amazing Custom LED Neon Sign for his studio space

LED Neon Sign - Amanda Bisk

Amanda asked the Kings Of Neon Custom Neon Team to create a neon that said - Fresh Body Fit Mind for her latest Business.

We Created this Custom LED Neon using two seperate pieces of acrylic and a Turquoise Color Neon

LED Neon Sign - NFL Draft Las Vegas

The Kings Of Neon Custom Neon Team created this LED Neon sign for the NFL Draft 2022 Las Vegas. This particular sign uses light pink and light blue Led neon