Party Time LED Neon Sign

Free Dimmer/Remote and Mounting Kit with every Neon.
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Size is the width at its widest point, height sizes vary depending on the font used.


The colors of neons when the tube is on and off

Red Preview
Green Preview
Blue Preview
Hot Pink Preview
Yellow Preview
Orange Preview
Purple Preview
Light Pink Preview
Light Blue Preview
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Whether record scratches are your favourite comedic sound effect or record scratching DJs are your jam, this #lit neon sign punctuates them both. Girl, put your records on the wall and you’ll never have to take it off with our long lasting, high quality, robust signs that are ready to see drinks spilled and parties rage and be none the worse for wear. Use this sign to decorate your event, restaurant, bar, home, venue or signal the abrupt beginning to the next scene in your life. This sign does it all! Our colour range: Pink, blue, red, green, yellow, white, and purple

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